Jessica Hunt


Anton Kalafati

Wedding Party

Frankie Jurgens

Flower Girl/Child

Jessica's beautiful niece Frankie will be the flower girl and the star of the wedding party : ) We can't wait to see her prance down the isle with her big personality sweet smile.

Jack Jurgens

Ring Bearer

Jessica's nephew Jack will be carrying the rings down the isle and we couldn't think of anyone else better suited for the job then this awesome little dude.

Gwendy Jurgens

Mother of the Bride

JL (John) L. Hunt

Father of the Bride

Eugene Bachmanov

Father of the Groom

Heather Brimmer

Maid of Honor

Jessica's best friend since 8th grade. We're more like sisters at this point and have been through it all together.

Joanna Dolph


Jessica and Joanna met in college. They worked together, were roommates and traveled the world together after college . We just get each other!!

Michelle Peden


Jessica's cousin but more like sisters. Michelle and Jessica grew up together and were destined to be best friends.

Lisa Levy


Lisa and Jessica met at work almost 6 years ago. My work wife! They have the same birthday but Lisa is 1 year younger... and have been celebrating their birthday's together every year since they met!

Jessica Gayheart


Jessica and lil Jess met when Jessica rented lil Jess her first apartment in SF after relocating from FL.! It just so happened to be in the same apartment building : ) Let's just say girls nights with face masks, The Bachelor and Red Jade were often! Even our pups became besties lol

Erik Lanter


Erik and Jessica clicked right away- Love at first sight! We met at work and had an instant connection. One of those friends you feel like you've known for years even though you just met. My party Panda!

Gary Khazan

Best Man

Anton and Gary became friends after high school. They both love cars and working out. Gary definitely helps the sometimes introverted Anton be more social!

Pasha Fedorov


Pasha and Anton are best friends since birth and grew up together in Odessa. Their moms were best friends so these two were destined to be close!

Serg Gorokhovsky


Serg was Anton's 1st friend in the US. They have been friends since they were 9 and are still going strong.

Alex Kuznetsov


Alex and Anton have been friends since the 6th grade and work together now.

Vitaliy Shkolnik


Vitaliy and Anton met in science class in high school and have been in love ever since lol
Phrosne Ras